Good soldiers die on the battlefield… the rest end up in Longacre.
Lieutenant Damien Lemorde, Hellknights 1st Division, Order of the rack

Welcome to Hell's Vengeance.

For six centuries, Cheliax was the greatest nation in all Golarion (as long as you're asking the right people).

The sudden disappearance of a living god and a brutal civil war between powerful houses has left the nation in the shade of its former glory. Resisting a crusade from outside its borders, and rebellion from dissatisfied factions within, the ruling House Thrune will use any means, worldly or infernal, to retain power and dispel all enemies of Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II.

For those unafraid to get their hands dirtied, there are many opportunities to prove their worth. Agents in the service of House Thrune are richly rewarded, provided they survive the enemies they make in the process.


Hell's Vengeance