Hell's Vengeance

Welcome to Longacre

There are few ways to leave the service of the Cheliax military.

The most exalted, of course, is death in battle against the enemies of House Thrune.

The least recommended is in disgrace or dishonor. In this case, a quick death would be considered extremely lucky.

The third option is retirement. The most successful, brutal or cunning soldier may be rewarded with a grand estate from a fallen House, but most can expect to be shuffled quietly to the Chellish countryside – to Longacre.

At the edge of Cheliax, far from the intrigues of the urban-based great houses, old, wounded and politically unpopular soldiers live side by side, resting and biding their time in pastoral obscurity.

But old scars haven't faded easily. Many soldiers, free from the daily routines and discipline of marches and training, find themselves with plenty of time to dwell on their grievances. Now, as the fragile peace built on civil war and diabolism is threatened by crusaders and revolutionaries, Longacre is a powder keg, and many soldiers consider returning to action in service of a new cause.



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